Cold Plus AC Refigeration Treatment

Cold-Plus A/C Refrigeration

The Cold-Plus® refrigeration treatment optimizes performance and efficiency in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems (HVAC-R). The plus stands for permanent performance and proection.

Lab tested and field approved

The Cold-Plus® refrigeration treatment reduces the electricity consumption (kWh) and demand (KW) of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Cold-Plus® is already optimizing compressor operation, reducing run-times, and reducing energy costs. Cold-Plus® has been tested by ETL Laboratories and businesses worldwide.

The non-toxic Cold-Plus® formula conserves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and extends equipment life. This represents a valuable and sustainable solution for our customers.

Businesses saving money by using Cold-Plus

  • 8% Restaurant- “8% total energy savings in one month”
  • 13% Theater- “reduced the power consumption in RTU #1 by 13%”
  • 14% Supermarket- “Savings of 14% on display cases and coolers”
  • 10% Airport- “The week 2 reduction was over 10%”
  • 12% Refrigerated Transport- “12% efficiency increase”
  • 22% Dairy Cooler- “22% increase in efficiency”
  • 26% Chiller- “Efficiency increase per KW/Ton: 26%”
  • 20% Residential- “20% decrease in compressor running time”

Benefits of Cold Plus

1. Removes Oil Fouling

First, surfactants and detergents remove oil fouling. Then nano-polymers help prevent any future oil fouling with just one treatment.

2. Speeds Thermodynamics

Less oil fouling improves heat and cold transfer. Nano-polymers reduce surface tension and improve refrigerant flow.

3. Improves Pool Boiling

Additional inert suspended polymers act as nuclei to enhance pool boiling. As a result, the liquid turning to gas phase happens 20% faster and significantly speeds thermodynamics.

4. Reduces Friction

By reducing friction with PTFE, the entire system runs smoother with less energy. This chemically inert substance looks like wet ice on wet ice.

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