DC Solar Pool Pump

This high volume solar pool pump / surface pump provides crystal clear water for you swimming pool using solar power.

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This solar pool pump is designed mainly to be used for:
*Agriculture irrigation
*Swimming pool water circulation
*Thermal collectors
*Pond irrigation

1. Application innovation
Compared with the traditional alternating current motors, The efficiency is improved 25% by using permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, onn-sensor motor.

2. Technique innovation
High reliability and life expectancy Cost-efficient pumping with a 3 years, manufacturer warranty against defects in material and workmanship

3. Structure innovation
Convenient installation and environmental protection
4. Suction/max.positive inlet lift—3.0M
5. Max.Casing pressure—2.5 bar
6. Max.Water temperature —+60 C

Pump controller, Cable connector, Water level sensor, Cable to connect solar panel.

Solar pool Pump Specifications and Panels req



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John NovarDC Solar Pool Pump