Solar Panels mounted on Solar Tracker

DC Solar Pool Pump

DC Solar Pump Specifications and Pricing Solar Panel spreadsheet requirements

This high volume surface pump provides crystal clear water for your swimming pool, using solar power.

Solar Panel Not Included

These pumps are designed mainly to be used for:
*Agriculture irrigation
*Swimming pool water circulation
*Thermal collectors
*Pond irrigation

1. Application innovation
Compared with the traditional alternating current motors, The efficiency is improved 25% by using permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, onn-sensor motor.

2. Technique innovation
High reliability and life expectancy Cost-efficient pumping with a 3 years, manufacturer warranty against defects in material and workmanship

3. Structure innovation
Convenient installation and environmental protection
4. Suction/max.positive inlet lift—3.0M
5. Max. Casing pressure — 2.5 bar
6. Max. Water temperature — +60 C

Pump controller, Cable connector, Water level sensor, Cable to connect solar panel.

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John NovarDC Solar Pool Pump