Disaster Relief Housing

disaster releif housingThe “factory in a box” can be deployed anywhere in the world with orders for 50 living units or more. Local labor is used to build the panels, and erect the homes. Once a slab is poured, people can move in in 3 DAYS. Single Disaster Relief housing units can be built, as well as multifamily units. 10 6-unit Disaster Relief housing buildings can be produced in one day (note that the building can have 6 single rooms, 4 two-rooms, or 3 three-rooms. The single units can stand alone and you can add more single unit modules to make other, larger designs. Very flexible.

A single “Disaster Relief” housing unit kit will sell for about $3950.00 (includes one non-impact window and door). Including labor and slab, it can be competed for about $5600.00 per single room unit. It is suggested that tensioned cables be in the slab to increase siesmic resistance, but the shell is not going to fall down on anyone and hurt them, and is engineered for 160mph wind. The 500 kit price is $10,995 (no windows and doors). The 300 unit is only about $1100.00 less, so if people have the room for the footprint, they should go with the 500 unit. We can offer a CWS impact window for these homes for $440.00 each.


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