green energy surge protection and energy reducterThe GESPER (Green Energy Surge Protection and Energy Reducer) is one of our core products. It s a relatively inexpensive and easy to install product that offers the highest and most noticeable returns on investment. The GESPER is a new product that combines multiple time tested and true technologies into one convenient package. The GESPER was first designed to protect your electrical wiring from surge(s), down-line lightning strikes, and voltage spikes. Being part surge protector, the GESPER will eliminate most of the static electricity that can cause major damage to electronics. This makes your power supply more energy efficient. In accomplishing this, the GESPER will help protect home electronics, consumer electronics, industrial / commercial machinery, commercial real estate, and residential electrical wiring. With the improved efficiency, the GESPER also offers savings on the kWh (energy) consumed by improving the current (amps), voltage, power factor, kVAR, and reduce harmonics.

As an authorized dealer of Circuit Rider Marketing, LLC, Green-Energy-Products will do an on-site survey to help us determine what GESPER unit(s) you will need. We use only licensed electrical contractors to install the GESPER unit(s). They will check your system to make sure that a good ground is present for the safety of your electrical system as well as for the safety of the occupants. A good ground must be present for ANY surge protection equipment. The GESPER guarantee is simple: it will save you at least 10% in kWh, or your money back after a 180 day period. Extends the life of your appliances and mechanical systems. Protects your business or home from surges and spikes. Protects computers and electronics. Provides a more efficient and even flow of power.

The GESPER green surger protector comes in multiple capacity ranges able to accommodate any size electrical system whether it’s a home, restaurant, hotel, office building, or a manufacturing facility. We have installed in all types of properties with outstanding results.


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