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Insulate when you paint! Certified NASA Spinoff Technology.

Insulate your Home With A Stroke of a Brush Hy-Tech Insulating Paint & House Paint Additives… Insulation in a Can !

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, a NASA Research Partner, produces energy saving insulating paint and an insulating additive for house paints that will reduce your energy bills. Hy-Tech insulating paint products are based upon our exclusive, innovative mix of insulating ceramic microspheres or “vacuum beads”. They are specifically designed for being mixed into paints, coatings and composites to form a tight interlocking matrix which reduces conductive heat in the painted surface. The ceramic barrier reflects up to 90 percent of the heat back to the source.

The insulating additive for paint developed by Hy-Tech can be mixed into all types of house paint to add heat reducing, insulating properties to that paint. We also offer the industry’s biggest selection of pre-mixed, ceramic filled, insulation coatings for use on roofs, ceilings, walls and a wide range of industrial applications. Both Hy-Tech insulation products are designed to keep heat out in summer and reflect the heat back into the home during the winter. This process drastically reduces the costs required for heating or cooling a home, metal building, recreational vehicle, agricultural or commercial structure!

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