Lutronsmart grid lighting controls

The Lutron residential smart grid lighting controls empowers homeowners to reduce their energy consumption during peak demand periods, which helps their pocketbook and helps prevent blackouts or brownouts.

How Do Lutron Smart Home Solutions Work?

The Lutron smart grid solution offers direct control of lighting, HVAC, shades, and plug-in devices. The Lutron smart home system also gives homeowners control of third-party devices. The smart home system will also display your real-time energy use data and will analyze trends to identify more ways homeowners can reduce their consumption of energy.

The Lutron smart grid solution will receive messages sent to you from your utility company about the quantity of energy consumer at your home, when you’re using it, and how much it is costing you. The Lutron smart grid solution will automatically respond to price changes and energy events by cutting back on the amount of energy consumed by your lights, shades, HVAC, and other electrical appliances. In turn, this will save you money!

While LEDs have shown great potential within the lighting industry, they – like all lights – benefit from the proper control. Use the dropdown choices to search for tested LED solutions that will ensure compatibility between controls and drivers with other LED products.

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Examples of Lutron Smart Grid Solutions

Price Responsive Control

You will receive alerts from your utility company concerning price changes. For example, if the price for your electricity increases by a few dollars, the Lutron smart home solution will automatically adjust the thermostat, shades and lighting based on your presets to cut down on energy consumption and save on your bills. You can monitor your energy use and pricing from your computer or mobile device and manually override the Lutron system’s actions if you wish.

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A smart home solution such as the Lutron smart grid solution is essential for any homeowner seeking to reduce their energy consumption and lower monthly electric bills. Contact our green energy solutions consultants today for more information.

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