MineralPure pool ionization MineralPure is a copper/silver pool ionization system designed to greatly minimize the need of chlorine in pools, spas, and cooling towers. By using safe, natural minerals as a basis for its pool ionization technology, Mineral Pure pool ionizer can transform your pool or spa into an oasis of mineral spring water in a natural way!
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MineralPure (Pool Chlorine Alternative) – How it Works

Are you seeking a chlorine alternative for your pool? The MineralPure pool ionization system works by releasing minerals into the water. The copper ions kill algae, while the silver ions kill bacteria and viruses.

With the MineralPure pool ionizer, you will enjoy crystal clear water. You will be amazed at the clarity of the water. Swim in water that exceeds EPA standards for drinking water! Using this pool chlorine alternative, you will never go back into a heavily chlorinated pool or spa again.

Additional Information About MineralPure Pool Ionizer

CS-75 clm253-GEP

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