Nheolis Wind TurbineDeveloped in partnership with CNRS (The French National Center for scientific research) and the French Aerospace Lab ONERA, THE NHEOLIS wind turbine technology is the result of several years of R&D.

NHEOLIS pioneers the use of Bernoulli principle in fluid dynamics, fully exploited in the nheowind 3D design. Unique in small wind, this design provides four key advantages to the nheowind 3D:


The unique shape of the blades does not cause wind shear. The noise generated by nheowind 3D turbines, evaluated by an independent acoustic lab, is much lower, regardless of operating speed, than the surrounding noise including the noise generated by the wind itself.


The performance of nheowind 3D wind turbine at low wind speeds (from 2.5 m/s, 9 km/h), as at high wind speeds (up to 30 m/s or 110 km/h), allows you to meet the electricity needs of a family of 4, starting from 5 m/s annual average wind speed (nheowind 3D100).


The reinforced structure of the wind turbine was designed and tested to withstand powerful gusts and turbulences through the rigging of the blades. This robust design allowed nheowind 3D turbines to withstand Storm Klaus and Storm Xynthia perfectly.


The unique green energy design of the nheowind 3D blades allows better landscape integration and greater visual acceptance for both domestic and corporate installations.

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