solar pool productsThere are many choices of solar pool products out there and there are many variables that should be taken into account. As a consultancy firm, creating a solar pool solution for your property is a perfect example of our value added services. All properties and all pools are different, to name only a few of the variables that effect your ability to “go solar” with solar pool products – depending upon your property, the pools location, it’s mechanical systems, where the mechanical systems are located, what type of filters you have, what kind of exposure your property and pool has to sunlight, whether it’s already running on heat and more importantly, cost?

Green-Energy-Products will send a representative to your location and do a full survey of your property and sit down to talk to you with regards to what your goals are for your home and what your lifestyle needs are. As with all of our projects we take a full systems approach to recommending the best solution and solar pool products for each individual case – many companies out there will simply try to sell you the system that they represent for their distributor, our philosophy is to sell you a system that meets all of your current and future needs. With our access to such a wide variety of systems we can recommend and integrate your pumps, your heat, your outdoor lighting, your watering system – do you simply want to have a heated pool or do you want to go completely “off grid”? As far as you want to take it we will work with you to be as creative and as cost effective as possible with minimal impact to your property.

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