solar systems installationRight now, we’re at a really exciting juncture for the solar power industry and solar systems installation. In the past, solar has been plagued with countless problems – solar systems were expensive, inefficient, large in physical size, unsightly and of course in the southeastern United States they were prone to be ripped up and tossed away during hurricanes. Today, solar technology has caught up with and tackled those problems and we at Green-Energy-Products are proud to represent the most technologically up to date systems available.

Our solar systems are produced by United Solar Ovonic, the world leader in solar technology, our distributor and engineering partner is AGT, the only distributor for Uni-Solar in the state of Florida. The Uni-Solar product line addresses all the above mentioned problems. Their PVL series of solar panels are light weight flexible photovoltaic sheets with an adhesive backing that sticks to most surfaces. The sheets are light weight (you can easily carry one in your arms) and they have a low profile (easily blending into your environment with minimal visual impact). The sheets are based around a “plug and play” platform which means that you can expand the system over time as your needs increase – if you want to build the system over time to spread out your payments, this is possible, it also means that in the future as PV technology gets more efficient you can easily swap out older strips for the latest and greatest.

As for living in an area that’s prone to the occasional hurricane and inclement weather, the PV sheet’s low profile and adhesive backing provides a firm foundation for securing it to most surfaces and providing little resistance to the elements, it’s flexible nature means the sheet is, according to Uni-Solar, “virtually unbreakable”. Uni-Solar’s PVL series is the only solar panel product that has been approved by Miami-Dade County as hurricane resistant. Contact us today and we would be happy to send a representative over to your home or place of business to survey your property and discuss with you our holistic approach to energy conservation and solar solutions, we will walk you through what rebates and tax incentives are available and what the current status of net-metering laws are in the State of Florida with proper energy management and consultation, “going solar” can be easy and surprisingly affordable.


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