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Corporate Overview

Green-Energy-Products.com LLC is a verified, Service Disabled Veteran Owned business offering energy, water and environmental efficient consultancy services and products capable of reducing energy, water consumption and environmental pollutants to Government, Hospitality, Maritime, Commercial and residential clients. Our staff is highly qualified in the areas of analyzing current and future plans to determine degrees of efficiency and suggest modification accordingly. We conduct Electrical Energy and environmental Efficiency Audits to document: Power Quality, code violation, and safety and pollution issues. From audits we can recommend a plan of action and corrective measures.

1. Power Quality Corrections

2. Hormonic Mitigation

3. Grounding Corrections

4. Energy Management Solutions

5. Energy Star Lighting LED

6. Building Automation

7. Smart Thermostats

8. Dehumidification Solutions

9. Tankless Water Heater

10. Solar Systems

Photo Voltaic
Hot Water
Street, Security, and Landscaping Lights
Attic Fans

11. Wind Powered Turbine Generators

12. Total Environmental Solutions

Air Treatment & Purification (Reduction of Airborne Bacteria and Mold)
Wastewater Recycling & Treatment
Fire Flood Mold Control
Odor Control
Food Sanitation
Grease Treatment
Bacteria/Virus/Odor Abatement Systems

13. Cool Roof Systems

14. Water Softener Alternative and Ionization Systems

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Current Contract Listing

Miami Dade County - Contract
ID #9355-1055
ID #8757-1/18-1

Miami Dade Public Schools Contracts
1603 - Hialeah Miami Lakes High School
Gratigny Elementary School GOB Renovations, Project No. 01433600

Florida Public Schools Contractor
Exp. Date: 4/21/2021

SBA Program Data

Small Business Qualified Categories: SDE, SDVOSB, VOSB

State of Florida

Veteran Business Certification Exp. 10/05/2018

Miami Dade County

Micro/SBE Cert No: 15091


Department of Energy - Energy Star Partner

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Statewide Homes, LLC - CBC1256379 | Visit Website
Link Construction Group - CGC059565 | Visit Website
Thornton Construction - RG0018646 | Visit Website

Solar Contractor

A National Solar LLC - CVC56932 - NABCEP Certified Installer #091110-204

Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor - South Coast electric of Dade EC13007414


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