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WaterSense - Find and Select Water-Efficient Products

WaterSense is a program that makes it easy for you to find and choose water-efficient products that not only save water but also help you save money and protect the environment. By simply looking for products bearing the WaterSense label at your local retailer, you can make a positive impact on water conservation.

WaterSense labeled products are backed by independent, third-party certification and meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) specifications for water efficiency and performance. When you use these water-saving products in your home or business, you can expect exceptional performance, savings on your water bills, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to water conservation for future generations.

Why Choose WaterSense Labeled Products?

WaterSense labeled products go through rigorous testing to ensure their water efficiency and performance. When you choose these products, you can be confident that they meet the highest standards set by the EPA. Here are some key reasons to choose WaterSense labeled products:
  1. Water Savings: WaterSense labeled products are designed to use less water without compromising on performance. By choosing these products, you can significantly reduce your water consumption and make a positive impact on water conservation.
  2. Financial Savings: By using water-efficient products, you can lower your water bills. These products are designed to maximize water savings, which can lead to significant cost savings over time.
  3. Environmental Benefits: Conserving water is crucial for the environment. By choosing WaterSense labeled products, you are reducing the strain on local water resources and protecting aquatic ecosystems.
  4. High Performance: WaterSense labeled products undergo extensive testing to ensure their performance is on par with or even better than standard products. You can enjoy exceptional performance while saving water.
  5. Easy Identification: Look for the WaterSense label on products at your local retailer. The label makes it easy to identify and select water-efficient products that meet the EPA’s specifications.

Product Categories

WaterSense offers a wide range of water-efficient products for various categories. Whether you are looking for faucets, showerheads, toilets, or irrigation controllers, WaterSense has you covered. Explore the following product categories to get started: Each category offers a selection of water-efficient products that can help you save water and reduce your impact on the environment. Click on a category to learn more about the available products and make an informed choice. At WaterSense, we believe that water efficiency is just a click away. Start your journey towards water conservation today by choosing WaterSense labeled products. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.