Seeker 4 Pro High Power Flashlight



  • Bright as Daylight: Max 4,600-lumen output and 260-meter throw, it has 6 modes to meet your needs for camping, hiking, maintenance, night duty, dog walking, emergency, etc.
  • Charge Your Way: Two charging options for greater convenience. Type-C charging with holster, or magnetic charging with an optional MCC3.
  • Versatile Holster: The holster offers quick lock/unlock, balancing safety and convenience. It also offers charging, multiple storage and carrying options, making the Seeker 4 Pro more functional.
  • Larger & Smoother Metal Switch: Long press to quickly switch modes, or rotate for step-less dimming to your own comfortable brightness level, allowing for easy operation even with heavy gloves.
  • First Laser Microperforation in Flashlight Industry: 1,200 laser micro-pierced holes create new hidden brightness and battery indicators while still keeping IPX8 waterproof.

* Kindly note that Matte Black is available in CW and NW, and Orange / Midnight Blue are available in CW only.

Seeker 4 Pro User Manual.pdf

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