CCT Slim Wall Pack, SWP09 – 60W, 120W

GEP- LED CCT SLIM WALL PACKS light up your outdoor spaces in rain, snow and darkness with bright and high quality LEDs. These wall packs are built to run for long periods and save you money through energy efficiency and far fewer replacement intervals. These fixtures also feature a photocell light sensor that automatically switches the unit on or off depending on the amount of light it detects. This wall pack adopts the latest technology, replacing traditional bulbs with energy efficient LEDs. These are widely used in the lighting of homes, hotels, garages, streets, landscapes and other commercial spaces. Wall Pack lights are popular in entryways, for general area lighting, perimeter lighting, and storage facilities. These fixtures are suitable for a variety of applications and will provide significant energy savings.

CCT Slim Wall Pack – SWP09 – Specifications

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