ScaleBlaster Success Story Towers of Channelside, Tampa, Florida


The Towers of Channelside are twin, 30 story luxury condominiums located in downtown Tampa’s premier Channelside district.


The high-class condominium was experiencing hard water buildup in the plumbing system and shutting down their instrumentation probes that were used to monitor the check valves in their $40,000 water pumps. Residents were complaining of hard water issues.


Four SB-650 commercial units were installed on the main lines feeding their two towers. Water softeners would have been a much more costly investment with ongoing expenses like salt purchases and costly maintenance expenses, not to mention increased water & sewer expenses.

Results using ScaleBlaster

Instrument problems immediately stopped because of scaling issues and residents of the twin towers noticed a difference in their water within four months. Their entire piping system will remain scale-free, thus avoiding the costly expenses of replacing the entire piping system decades from now.

All commercial buildings can fall victim to hard water damage from limescale formation. Virtually any piping system or equipment that comes in contact with hard water is subject to corrosion and destruction. ScaleBlaster can solve these issues without the need of a water softener, salt or extensive chemical use, and with no maintenance.

Since 1995, our commercial models have been used by Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, condominium and apartment complexes, dry cleaners, universities, hotels, water parks and various other industries throughout 70 counties.

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