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Rhapsody: Telkonet’s Second-Generation EMS Platform

Rhapsody is Telkonet’s advanced Energy Management System (EMS) platform, designed to empower buildings with sustainable measures for the future. It delivers impactful energy savings and efficiency improvements, making it an ideal choice for a variety of environments, including commercial buildings, hospitality establishments, student housing, military housing, and more.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Energy Savings:
    Rhapsody is proven to save up to 45% on in-room energy expenditures, contributing significantly to cost reduction and sustainability goals.
  2. Rapid ROI:
    The platform can pay for itself in an average of three years, providing a compelling return on investment for property owners and operators.
  3. Cloud-Based Software:
    Rhapsody employs a cloud-based software approach, allowing users to access and manage the system from anywhere with an internet connection.
  4. User-Friendly Interface:
    Rhapsody offers an intuitive and visually appealing user interface, facilitating easy tracking of energy usage, monitoring HVAC trends, and evaluating in-room equipment performance.
  5. Proactive Issue Identification:
    The software proactively identifies potential issues before occupants become aware of them, enabling timely interventions and minimizing disruptions.
  6. Integration Capabilities:
    Rhapsody integrates seamlessly with existing communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, ensuring future compatibility with evolving technologies.
  7. Centralized Management:
    Facility engineers, hospitality staff, sustainability managers, and other stakeholders can centrally monitor and control network devices and settings through Rhapsody’s platform.

Rhapsody Software:

  1. Usage:
    Facilities engineers, hospitality front desk staff, sustainability managers, and energy usage controllers utilize the Rhapsody software to monitor and control network devices.
  2. Functionality:
    The software enables users to track energy usage, monitor HVAC trends, evaluate in-room equipment performance, and set up alerts for potential issues.
  3. Multi-Site Management:
    Users can view and manage multiple sites from a single, easy-to-use platform, streamlining operations across diverse properties.

Rhapsody Mobile App:

  1. For Installers:
    Rhapsody Mobile is a mobile app designed to assist system installers with easy installation and setup processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during implementation.
  2. For Residents:
    Residents in multi-dwelling units (MDUs), student housing, military housing, and similar properties can use Rhapsody Mobile to set energy-saving modes and control their thermostats from smart devices.
  3. Compatibility:
    Rhapsody Mobile is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience for a broad range of users.

Rhapsody offers two main thermostat models:

which serve as the “brain” of the room within the Rhapsody platform

Touch Combo

The stylish, upscale Touch Combo is Rhapsody’s premier thermostat, serving as a controller and user interface in one device. It features a capacitive touch glass screen. This interactive, glass-front screen also features haptic feedback, and our clients can customize which images appear on it. There is a dry contact option.

Aida thermostats

The economical yet stylish Aida functions as a controller and user interface in one device. The button set is customizable to enable additional features. Button options include On/Off, F°/C°, Heat/ Cool, Fan Speed, DND/MUR/. It is hard-wired to the HVAC unit. It can handle a wide range of voltages, a benefit when properties have a variety of HVAC units of different power feeds. Aida was designed to use the latest communication protocols in the industry: Wi-Fi, BLE, and Zigbee.


  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee compatible for versatile connectivity and integration.
  • Easy installation, suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects.
  • Gather room data (occupancy, temperature, humidity, HVAC runtime) and transmit it to the Rhapsody command center.
  • PIR occupancy sensor with high sensitivity, capable of detecting even sleeping guests.
  • Humidity control capability and seamless compatibility with various HVAC systems.
  • Available in both high voltage and low voltage options, the latter not requiring a wall box.
  • By combining advanced software features, a mobile app for convenient control, and intelligent thermostats at its core, Rhapsody provides a comprehensive solution to enhance energy efficiency and drive sustainability in buildings.

For more information and specific product details, visit the official Telkonet website.

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