Mike Holt’s useful & pactical 2023 NEC index


This index is a free resource from Mike Holt Enterprises. It was designed to help you find what you’re looking for in the Code book in seconds! This index lists difficult key words and gives you the section where these words appear in the National Electrical Code®. It’s a great tool to get you familiar with those hard to find references in the NEC ®. Use this index along with your Code book and tabs (below) and you’ll be in great shape!


Mike Holt is an author, businessman, educator, speaker, publisher and NEC® expert. He’s written hundreds of electrical training books and articles, founded three successful businesses, and has taught thousands of electrical Code seminars across the U.S. and internationally.

Mike’s approach to electrical training is based on his own experience as an electrician, contractor, inspector and teacher. He’s always felt a responsibility to his students and to the electrical industry to provide education beyond the scope of just passing an exam. This commitment, coupled with the lessons he learned at the University of Miami’s MBA program, have helped him build one of the largest electrical training and publishing companies in the United States. His one-of-a-kind presentation style and his ability to simplify and clarify technical concepts explain his unique position as one of the premier educators and Code experts in the country. His passion for the electrical field drives his goal to increase electrical safety and improve lives.

Mike’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting high standards extends into his personal life. He’s an eight-time Overall National Barefoot Waterski Champion with more than 20 gold medals, many national records, and he has competed in three World Barefoot Tournaments. In 2015, at the tender age of 64, he started a new adventure—competitive mountain bike racing. Every day he continues to find ways to motivate himself, both mentally and physically.

Mike and his wife, Linda, reside in New Mexico and Florida, and are the parents of seven children and six grandchildren. As his life has changed over the years, a few things have remained constant: his commitment to God, his love for his family, and doing what he can to change the lives of others through his products and seminars.

Another great free resource for you!

Mike Holt’s NEC Index is designed to help you find what you’re looking for in the Code book in seconds! It lists all those difficult key words and gives you the section where these words appear in the Code. It’s a great tool to get you familiar with those hard-to-find references in the NEC.

Use this Index along with your Code Book and Tabs, and you’ll be in great shape. Some customers download this Index to their smartphones for easy reference.

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  2. Go to the Free Publications page on the Mike Holt website for this and other free PDFs

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