MineralPure Pool Ionization

Introducing MineralPure Pool Ionization:

Elevating Pool Maintenance to a New Level of Purity and Sustainability

In the realm of modern pool maintenance, the quest for crystal-clear waters and eco-friendly solutions has led to groundbreaking innovations. Among these, MineralPure Pool Ionization stands as a revolutionary technology, promising to redefine the way we treat and enjoy our swimming pools.


The Clearwater Pool System is nature's way of treating water. By using two of nature's most precious minerals and ozone as a basis for its technology, our system is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system available on the market.


Our complete system uses two different technologies - ionization and ozone - combined in one unit. We also have systems that use ionization only (MineralPURE) and systems that use ozone only (OzoneMAX) to purify the water. By using the pool ionizer and the ozone pool system you have the closest thing possible to a pool without chlorine.


The copper ionization system will help contol algae, bacteria and viruses, while the ozone provides the oxidization needed. This new combination system allows you to greatly reduce chlorine levels lower better than ever before.


The MineralPURE Pool System uses technology that was licensed by NASA and the majority of our units are NSF certified. NSF is the most recognized approval certification in the world. Most of our units are also UL certified, the world's most trusted certification for electrical and safety compliance.

History of Copper/Silver Ionization

The MineralPURE system incorporates technology that was actually discovered thousands of years ago and has been used in various applications.

NASA Connection

NASA’s Apollo Missions

NASA scientists capitalized on this knowledge and developed an ionization system for the Apollo spacecraft’s in the 1960s. They needed a way to supply safe drinking water for the crew on their long missions to the moon without using chorine. Be sure to check out “NASA Connection” for more details.

NASA’s Ionization System

NASA harnessed what nature already knew and designed an ionization system aboard their Apollo flights. An electronic silver-ion generator – slightly larger than a cigarette pack – was mounted on various locations in the spacecraft. These generators dispersed silver-ions to eliminate bacteria and viruses and provide the astronauts with safe drinking water. They did not want to bring chlorine with them into space.

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