Telkonet Rhapsody’s dashboard analytics

Discover the power of Rhapsody’s dashboard analytics. With our state-of-the-art Rhapsody platform, our clients improve their operational efficiencies, drive their sustainability initiatives, and increase their guests’ comfort.

What is Rhapsody?

Our team of expert engineers designed Rhapsody, Telkonet’s second-generation EMS (Energy Management System) platform, on the shoulders of our well established, first-generation EMS, EcoCentral. Rhapsody is built on the strengths of EcoCentral, enhancing the technology so it’s relevant for the future. The Rhapsody software is cloud-based; our clients use it anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Operational Efficiencies

With Rhapsody’s user-friendly graphics, properties can view multiple sites from a single platform. The Rhapsody dashboard presents a client’s entire portfolio of properties, with such details as the total number of alarms, live portfolio energy usage, and the number of offline devices. Our clients can assess the mechanical efficiency of each of their buildings. Comparing energy usage between properties can help with future HVAC purchase decisions.
For individual properties, Rhapsody offers graphs of current occupancy, current alarms, the number of thermostats in head versus cool mode, current occupancy, and a detailed list of alarms. Housekeeping and Front Desk staff will find individual occupancy and the alarm tracker of particular use in streamlining their processes.
Staff can proactively identify potential issues before occupants are ever aware of them. They can enable customized alerts and document steps taken to address the matter. And then monitor the status until the issues are resolved. Rhapsody even offers a mobile app version so staff do not have to physically enter the guest room; instead, they can often troubleshoot from wherever they happen to be.

Who uses the Rhapsody Dashboard?

The Rhapsody dashboard features a powerfully simple layout. Its imaginative design enables users to glean high-level data along with detailed metrics and analytics.

Managers with oversight of multiple properties use Rhapsody. At individual properties, the staff responsible for controlling energy usage also use Rhapsody, as do sustainability managers, hospitality front desk staff and others.


Rhapsody provides a live data stream to help our clients drive their sustainability initiatives. Rhapsody displays an interactive graph of the daily percentage of energy saved per property. The unique “Live Energy” tiles on the dashboard provide the viewer with up to the minute kilowatt usage data, how many rooms are in the “Smart Away” energy saving mode, and live kilowatt per hour energy savings. Maximizing energy efficiency goes hand in hand with your sustainability efforts. Rhapsody’s rich data translates into actionable, insightful reporting. We even translate these savings into marketable comparisons, some of which will be a selling point for your sustainability-conscious customers: how many trees your EMS has saved at your property, and carbon foot impact of the EMS at your property.

Guest Comfort

With Rhapsody, your facilities crew can evaluate in-room equipment performance remotely, thereby avoiding inconveniencing your guests. Some thermostat troubleshooting can be done from within the software itself. In-room climate is expertly controlled remotely and automatically, without forcing your guests to relinquish control of their thermostats.

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