Tips for Keeping Your Pool Safe for Swimming

Owning a swimming pool is a dream come true for many, especially during summer months when temperatures are high. However, keeping your pool safe for swimmers requires a lot of work. Chemicals help keep your pool free of bacteria and algae, balance total alkalinity, and maintain pool water balance, but they come with some risks. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain your pool, reduce chemical use, and keep it sparkling clean. Our next series of articles will discuss some strategies to help keep your pool safe for swimming.

Understanding the Risks of Chemicals in Your Pool

Chemicals such as chlorine and bromine are commonly used in most swimming pools to maintain pool water balance, balance total alkalinity, and keep them clean and healthy. However, these chemicals can pose health and environmental risks while also contributing to what is referred to as a muriatic acid swimming pool. Regular exposure to chemicals can lead to health problems such as eye irritation, respiratory issues, and skin irritation. So, while you need chemicals to help keep your pool healthy, it’s also essential to reduce chemical use while still being able to maintain pool water balance and pool pH control and also balance total alkalinity.

Keeping Your Pool Free from Debris and Organic Matter

Keeping your pool free from debris and organic matter is extremely important. Debris such as leaves, grass, and insects can introduce organic matter into your pool, which combines with chemicals to create a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. Use a net to skim the water surface daily.

Regularly Scrub and Skim

Regular scrubbing and skimming are essential to maintaining a clean, healthy pool. Scrubbing the walls and floor of your pool will help remove algae and bacteria. Using a skimmer to remove debris from the surface of the pool will also help improve water clarity and reduce the amount of debris that can cause algae and bacterial growth.

Our next article will cover more tips to help keep your pool safe for swimming.

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